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First Time Fetish Flogger


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Take full control of bedroom fun with the First Time Fetish Flogger. This exotic and playful accessory is perfect for elevating erotic sensations and increasing stimulation. A few gentle swishes of the teasing and tantalizing tassels will heighten anticipation and increase sensual desire. The First Time Fetish Flogger is made from a blend of rayon, nylon, and polyester, and has a sturdy handle with loop strap, and nickel-free iron rivets. Soft, pliable tassels are attached to the opposite end of the handle. The tassels measure 7″ (17.75cm) to ensure an even sweeping motion when brushed against the skin.

To use, loop your hand through the strap handle to hold the flogger securely. Gently swing or sweep the flogger so that the tassels connect with, and graze the body. Impact play stimulates and awakens the senses and increases orgasmic pleasure. The First Time Fetish Flogger is suitable for fetish explorers and experienced BDSM adventurers. The sturdy pleasure tool makes a great addition to an intimate toy collection. Use it for dominant and submissive role-play and fantasy games. Take turns to have full control of the flogger. You can use it to punish or reward your lover, or to tease and stimulate.

Features & Benefits:
Soft, teasing tassels
Sturdy handle
Convenient loop strap
Overall Length: 11″ (28cm)
Tassel Length: 7: (17.75cm)

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