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6.9In Silicone Anal Plug Luminous Butt Plug For Anal Dilatation & Training


6.9In Silicone Anal Plug Luminous Butt Plug For Anal Dilatation & Training

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Oversized Buttplugs For Expert Siliconeworkers: The 23.5 Ounces And 6.9*3.4*3.4In Dimensions Make This Large Butt Plug A Great Choice For Expert Users Who Want A Fuller Feeling, And For People Who Want To Challenge Themselves And Gradually Work Up To Larger Toys.,Ergonomic Shape With Glitter Powder: The Ergonomic-Shaped Big Anal Plug With Bumps On Not Only Adds Texture For Extra Pleasure But Also Prevent This Large Analplug Toy From Being Swallowed By The Body, Safe And Comfortable.,Thicker Suction Cup: The Thicker Suction Cup On This Butt Plug Ensures That It Will Stay Securely While In Use. This Provides Added Stability And Prevent The Toy Being Swollowed When We Wear It.,Premium Liquid & Soft Silicone: The Soft Silicone Of This Analplug Makes It Comfortable To Use. It Also Means That It Is Less Likely To Cause Discomfort Or Irritation During Use, Which Can Be Especially Important For Those Who Are New To Anal Play. The Glitter Powder Shines Under Light To Arouse Your Passion For Love. And The Glitter Powder Doesn’T Fall Off. So Feel Free To Enjoy It.,High Quality: Unlike Some Cheap, Small Butt Plugs, This Toy Is Made From High-Quality Materials And Has Been Designed To Provide Maximum Pleasure And Comfort. It Is Built To Last, Ensuring That You Can Enjoy Using It For A Long Time To Come.

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